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Monday 24 April: Meet Alain Cavalier

Maître du Réel | Alain Cavalier

This year, the Sesterce d'or Prix Raiffeisen Maître du Réel is awarded to the filmmaker Alain Cavalier. The Ceremony will be followed by the screenings as world premieres of the Portraits N°5 Bernard et N°6 Léon.
Do not miss the Masterclass of Alain Cavalier on Tuesday morning, where the French filmmaker will share his working methods. 

Soirée Maître du Réel: Monday 24 April 20:30, Théâtre de Marens | Tickets >

Masterclass Alain Cavalier: Tuesday 25 April 10:00, Salle Communale. In French, with simultaneous translation into English | Tickets >

Raise Your Arms and Twist, Documentary of NMB48 | Grand Angle

The girls band of Raise Your Arms and Twist, Documentary of NMB48 is a real social phenomenon in Japan. Racking up number ones in the charts, filling stadiums, its interchangeable members are under constant pressure and subject to individual curves in popularity. A pop film of heady melodies and colourful choreographies that unveils the dreams and dramas of teenage life.

Monday 24 April 20:30, Théâtre de Grand-Champ, Gland | Tuesday 25 April 20:00, Théâtre de Marens

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Dark on Dark | Regard Neuf

Boureima, from Niger, met Thivolle at the university in Toulouse, a city where he now "rules" among vagrants, whereas his father was the king of a village and principal "hero" of a documentary film. Dark on Dark narrates the reunion of two friends, with the film serving as the shared space and rite of passage in the mutual recognition of their solitude.

Monday 24 April 14:00, Capitole Leone | Tuesday 25 April 12:00, Usine à Gaz

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