Visions du Réel - International Film Festival

Heroes of Nyon at Visions du Réel

Hero of Nyon | Solar Impulse: André Borschberg

Some adventures seem to have been invented so that they can be brought to the screen. The crazy bet of flying around the world on board a plane powered only by solar energy is one of them. André Borschberg will be present at Visions du Réel to tell this incredible story with the special screening of Solar Impulse, the Impossible Round the World Mission.

Wednesday 26.04 21:30, Théâtre de Marens, International Premiere | Trailer and tickets

Hero of Nyon | Jazz the Only Way of Life: Jacques Muyal

Jacques Muyal, illustrious citizen of Nyon, devoted his entire life to one all-consuming passion: jazz. Legendary trumpet player Dizzy Gillespie, who used to perform with Charlie Parker, becomes his life-long friend. Jazz the Only Way of Life explores their rich and rewarding relationship and shines a light on the pioneering Jacques Muyal, who is now rightly considered as one the most influential jazz messengers the world has ever known. He will be our special guest, ready to talk about... jazz!

Sunday 23.04 19:00, Théâtre de Marens, World Premiere | Trailer and tickets

Opening night in Gland | A film about music with Stefan Eicher

Stefan Eicher has suspected that he has Yenish roots, although the subject was never addressed by his parents. Unerhört Jenisch follows the Bernese musician who, together with his brother Erich Eicher, sets off to the Grison Alps. A journey to trace their origins, and those of Swiss folk music, in the presence of the filmmakers Karoline Arn and Martina Rieder.

Opening night in Gland, followed by an aperitif offered by the Ville de Gland and a Gipsy jazz show by the band Gadjo
Saturday 22.04 19:30, Théâtre de Grand-Champ | Trailer and tickets

FIFF | Win daily cards

Our friends at FIFF, Festival International de Films de Fribourg are ready for their festival kick-off: 31 March to 8 April, they will take you on a journey from ghosts films to Nepalese cinema, with special guests such as Douglas Kennedy, Myret Zaki and Malcom Braff. Win 3x2 daily cards: send "FIFF" to with your complete contact details!

31.03 to 08.04, Fribourg |

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