Visions du Réel - International Film Festival

Tuesday 19 April: Visions of the world

Gulîstan, Land of Roses | Compétition Internationale longs métrages

Between Irak and Syria, young PKK guerilleras fight against the Islamic State. Facing war and violence, their hope and strength win.

19.04 19:00, Salle Communale – followed by a discussion
20.04 10:00, Salle Communale
Gulîstan, Land of Roses: trailer and tickets | Compétition Internationale longs métrages section

Under the Sun | Grand Angle

North Korea: a "perfect" family life seen through the eyes of a little girl. Repeating and succeeding each other, the scenes let some flaws appear behind a (too well) organised reality.

 20:00, Théâtre de Marens – followed by a discussion
20.04 20:00, Théâtre de Grand-Champ – followed by a discussion
Under the Sun: trailer and tickets | Grand Angle section

The Beekeeper and his Son | Helvétiques

In the Chinese countryside, the father, beekeeper, the son, student with the ambition to modernise the farm, and... a goose live together. The son is bored in his native countryside while his worried father is working hard.

19.04 21:30, Capitole Leone – followed by a discussion
20.04 16:15, Théâtre de Marens
The Beekeeper and His Son: trailer and tickets Helvétiques section

Let's dance!

Tonight we dance at the Bar du Réel with DJ Giona! Afrobeat, funk, salsa & souljazz.

19.04 from 22:00, Bar du Réel – free entry
Let's dance programme

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