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Awarded films' screenings & end of the Festival

New record for Visions du Réel! Attendance figures for the Festival reached over 39,000 spectators in addition to the 6,000 people attending Visions du Réel On Tour: it is a wonderful edition we are closing this year! Discover the Awards and relive the 47th edition's strong moments on our website. Thanks
for your fidelity! 


Awarded films' screenings

Do not miss the awarded films' screenings on Saturday 23 April at the Salle Communale. 5 screenings to (re)discover the great moments of the Festival.

I’m not From Here: best short film of the International Competition
Sesterce d'or Fondation Goblet
trailer and tickets

Sit and Watch: best medium-length film of the International Competition
Sesterce d'or george
trailer and tickets

The Dazzling Light of Sunset: best first film, Regard Neuf section
Sesterce d'argent Regard Neuf Canton de Vaud
trailer and tickets

Tadmor: best Swiss feature film, out of all competitive sections
Sesterce d'argent SRG SSR 
trailer and tickets

Presenting Princess Shaw: Prix du Public, best film of the Grand Angle section
Sesterce d'argent Prix du public Ville de Nyon
trailer and tickets

Another Year: Best feature film of the International Competition
Sesterce d'or La Mobilière
trailer and tickets

Awarded films' screenings | 2016 Awards 

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