Audio description

Every year since 2016, one or two films have been audio described in collaboration with Regards Neufs and RTS. In 2022, special attention will be paid to the inclusion of people living with visual impairment. Several projects will thus be developed to promote inclusion but also to raise the awareness of spectators without disabilities with regard to the importance of audio description, by helping them discover it and communicating more about its presence at Visions du Réel.

Several projects are being prepared for 2022

  • Screenings with audio description

For several years, Visions du Réel has been offering screenings with audio description, using the Greta app. For its 53rd edition, Visions du Réel wishes to enhance this offering, by proposing more audio-described films. These will be announced and highlighted on this page, as well as through social institutions and through associations that are striving for accessibility in culture.

  • School screenings with audio description

School screenings with audio description are being set up as a complement to the usual school screenings, in collaboration with the CPHV (Educational Centre for Pupils with Visual Impairment). These screenings will be open both to pupils from the CPHV and to pupils without disabilities so as to promote inclusion and sharing.

  • Screening with spoken subtitles

For some visually impaired people, it is possible to attend a screenings without audio description; however, reading the subtitles can prove to be an obstacle. Visions du Réel wishes to try out a simultaneous spoken subtitle system, using earpieces, making the screening enjoyable for all audiences. In this way, the film will become accessible for visually impaired people, but also for people who have difficulties reading or for children for whom it may be tricky to read quickly.