Jörg Schmidt-Reitwein: Sehweisen (Germany)

Jörg Schmidt-Reitwein: Ways of Seeing

Jörg Schmidt-Reitwein: Sehweisen

  • Heiner Heinke


In the 1970s, Jörg Schmidt-Reitwein became known for the artistry and versatility of his camera work on the side of many significant directors of the so-called New German Cinema; directors like Werner Schroeter, Herbert Achternbusch, Alexander Kluge and Edgar Reitz. He became famous, however, for his wonderful images in legendary films by Werner Herzog. Since then, he prefers to work on projects which allow him to face extreme challenges and continuously observe the world from a completely new cinematic perspective. Today, Jörg Schmidt-Reitwein lives on a secluded farm in Lower Bavaria which has become the central hub for an exciting life full of new beginnings. The tranquility of the farm has not only become a source of inspiration, but also a fixed point in his search for balance between professional and personal happiness. WAYS OF SEEING is a poetic portrait about a passionate explorer, artist and family man, whose enchanting images have influenced the history of German cinema.
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Length: 105'
Country: Germany
Year: 2017
Language(s): German
Premiere status (in January 2018) : International Premiere
VdR edition : 2018


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