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Family Shots


  • David Sieveking


David Sieveking's autobiographical feature FAMILY SHOTS tells the story of a loving couple and the challenges they face when their first baby is born. Confronted with the extensive vaccination schedule for newborns they realize they do not agree on this issue. To solve their conflict David sets out on a research trip to unearth the facts and dispel the myths surrounding vaccinations. Constantly torn between his family duties and his investigations David travels through the world to get to the bottom of it. FAMILY SHOTS is both, a family comedy and a profound research into the global impact of vaccination today.
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Length: 93'
Country: Germany
Year: 2017
Language(s): German, English
Premiere status (in January 2018) : International Premiere
VdR edition : 2018


Martin Heisler – Flare Film GmbH
Carl-Ludwig Rettinger – Lichtblick Film GmbH

Sales Contact

Katharina Bergfeld
Flare Film GmbH
Tel. +49030762397383


Watch the film on the Media Library, from 13 April to 21 July 2018, only for Industry accredited professionals. www.visionsdureelmedialibrary.ch