Diggin' the garden (Germany)


Diggin' the garden

  • Abendschein Silke


A child is digging the ground, the spade is scratching on concrete, notes in a diary about the weather, a recipe for a birthday cake, an empty house. Drops of water. What remains from life? An attempted dialogue between yesterday and today – between my grandmother and myself. DIGGIN' THE GARDEN is a poetical and experimental short documentary, dealing with existential questions in life: what remains when you are gone? To whom are you talking to, if the other person - the grandmother - has left. All that remains, is an empty house full of memories, showing traces of a rich family life. Relics of the age next to the ones of the youth. A dialogue between my grandmothers diary and my own written words. Between the spade that is scratching on concrete and drops of water. Between life and death.
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Length: 5'
Country: Germany
Year: 2018
Language(s): German
Premiere status (in January 2018) : World Premiere
VdR edition : 2018


Abendschein Silke

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