Accommodation providers

Do you have a bedroom or an apartment available in Nyon during the Festival? We would be delighted to entrust you with a member of staff!

Your benefits

To thank you for your generosity as an accommodation provider, we will offer you free access to all the screenings in exchange as well as entrance tickets for you to give away.


To register, please complete the 2021 registration form

Please return this form to

Or by post to
Visions du Réel
Place du Marché 2
1260 Nyon

If you have any questions
+41 22 365 44 55

Last year, for its 2020 edition, Visions du Réel had to review the form of the Festival following the arrival of COVID-19 and health restrictions. 

For this year, we are currently preparing a hybrid edition to be rolled out with screenings both in cinemas and online. 

The Festival’s final form will depend on the recommendations in force in the month of April, because it is vital for us to ensure the safety of the public, filmmakers and our staff. 

We will therefore, we very much hope, need you more than ever.