Media Library

The Media Library provides:

  • an opportunity to get the attention of key industry professionals (festival programmers, buyers...), to promote and sell your film
  • 2 reports including the name and contact details of industry professionals who viewed your film (Please note that, as the platform is only accessible to accredited film professionals, the premiere status of your film does not change)
  • the visibility of your film on Visions du Réel's website with your own page on the Media Library catalogue (launched one week before the Festival and available throughout the year)

From April 16 2021, the Media Library accredited professionals will be able to watch films on our online platform. To get an accreditation, please follow this link.


Media Library Catalogues



Catalogue 2020

420 films


Catalogue 2019

479 films


Catalogue 2018

415 films


Catalogue 2017

465 films


Catalogue 2016

393 films