Focus Serbia – 18 films

This year, the Focus is dedicated to Serbia. These 18 films by Serbian filmmakers will be presented during the Festival, 13-21 April 2018. Learn more about Focus Serbia >

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Abdul & Hamza

Marko Grba Singh, 49', 2015

Two migrants from Somalia find temporary refuge in the mountains near the Serbian-Romanian border. A subtle and minimalist account about the search for a better future.

Dragan Wende - West Berlin

Dragan von Petrović and Lena Müller, 87', 2013
Serbia, Germany

Dragan Wende, a Yugoslavian immigrant, was the king of West Berlin’s nightlife in the 1970s. But with the fall of the wall, everything changes... a comical portrait where the history of Berlin crosses that of Yugoslavia.


Gora, Stefan Malešević, 78', 2017 

The Gorani, a Slavic Muslim minority, live in Gora, an isolated village in the mountains of Kosovo. An insight into a fascinating, little-known culture through its daily rituals.

Little Red Riding Hood

Zoran Tajrović, 25', 2009

The fable of Little Red Riding Hood is transformed into a modern and grotesque fairy tale. The baroque reflection of a dense national history in which the Roma people also have their place.

Soles de primavera

Stefan Ivančić, 23', 2013 

A tender account of the end of summer: four young boys, soon to be adults, confide in each other and ask questions about themselves. The end of the season coincides with the end of an age in a hybrid film, between documentary and fiction.

The Lightness of a Stone

Vladimir Todorović, 19', 2013

A contemplative journey from Malaysia to Tuscany: stones carefully chosen on the island are prepared to be sent to Italy. Their mysterious mineral beauty seems to capture one’s gaze...

Theta Rhythm

Bojan Fajfrić, 17', 2010

The reconstitution of a Serbian Communist Party meeting in 1987, a crucial moment in the country’s history, through the perspective of the director’s father, who was caught sleeping by the camera of the Yugoslav television.


Mladen Kovačević, 53', 2013 
Serbia, Finland

An existentialist allegory and eccentric protagonists introduce us to a surprising sound universe in which music is made with a simple tree leaf.

When Pigs Come

Biljana Tutorov, 72', 2017
Serbia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Dragoslava juggles four TV sets, three grandchildren, two best friends and a husband: through her life and her perspective, we grasp, close-up, the changes of past and present in Serbia.

Depth Two

Ognjen Glavonić, 80', 2016
Serbia, France

A significant work about the recent history of former Yugoslavia, which, through a personal approach, successfully gives a voice to the victims of crimes committed 20 years ago and tells a long-buried secret.

In Praise of Nothing

Boris Mitić, 78', 2017
Serbia, France, Croatia

An invitation to a cinematographical, philosophical and satirical voyage around, on and in Nothingness, through images filmed all over the world by 62 directors of photography and narrated by the unique voice of Iggy Pop.


Jelena Maksimović and Ivan Salatić, 19', 2014
Serbia, Montenegro 

The portrait of a generation in search of a new identity through a collage of archive footage, family films and contemporary images that brings us face to face with a country’s past and present.


Srđan Keča, 2011, 42' 
Serbia, UK

A fascinating visual exploration of Dubai, an artificial city that arose in the middle of the desert, and its inhabitants, often from elsewhere, in an atmosphere where time seems to stand still.

The Caviar Connection

Dragan Nikolić, 58', 2008
Serbia, USA

The tragi-comical adventures of the Pacov brothers, some of the last Serbian caviar fishermen: in trying to survive from fishing on the Danube, they are defying the laws of nature and economics...

The Other Side of Everything

Mila Turajlić, 104', 2017
Serbia, France, Qatar

A door that stayed closed for over 70 years in the apartment of a Belgrade family becomes the starting point that shapes a fantastic family, political and historic chronicle.

Tiny Bird

Dane Komljen, 30', 2013
Croatia, Serbia

Wandering the paths of a forest leads to existential and ideological musings about friendship and history. An impressionist essay in which personal and universal dimensions are intertwined.


Matija Gluščević, 17', 2016

Boriša is 14 and lives with his parents in a small village in the Serbian countryside. His favourite activity, lying between a child’s game and a real passion, is military training.

Yugoslavia, How Ideology Moved Our Collective Body

Marta Popivoda, 62', 2013 
Serbia, France, Germany

Using over 50 years of impressive archive footage from socialist Yugoslavia, the film questions the representation of ideology in official mass rallies and counter-demonstrations.