Codevelopment and coproduction of documentary Films

A meeting to encourage the networking, collaborations and (minority) coproductions within the existing coproduction agreement. An exchange of expertise and experiences.

Thierry Detaille, Ventes-CBAWIP-Sales / Visible Film (BE)


Wallonia Brussels Federation & Switzerland representatives of public funding institutions
Public broadcasters and 12 producers


Centre du Cinéma et de l’Audiovisuel de la Fédération, Wallonie-Bruxelles (BE) Wallonie Bruxelles Images (BE), Federal Office of Culture (CH), Cinéforom (CH)

Apéritif offert par Wallonie Bruxelles Images
Ma 19 Avril - 13:30-14:30
Colombière Industry Caféteria

Where and when?

Information, Exchange, Discussion

Th 19 April - 16:15-19:30
Colombière Industry Lab 2
In French & German | All accredited welcome

Presentation of production companies and individual meetings

Fr 20 April - 9:15-14:00
Colombière Industry Lab 2
In French | All accredited welcome

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