Focus Serbia – 5 film projects

This year, the Focus is dedicated to Serbia. These five Serbian film projects will be presented during the Festival at the Focus Talk, on 17 April 2018. Learn more about Focus Serbia >

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Everyone is Looking for what they don't have

by Stefan Malešević
Tri Osmine – Jelena Angelovski

The film follows Baba Mondi, the leader of a Bektashi Dervish Muslim order in Tetovo, Macedonia, as he struggles to regain control of his tekke, occupied by armed Wahhabis since 2002. For the previous 15 years, irritated by progressive elements of Bektashi teachings (such as gender equality, humour in religious teachings and the use of intoxicants during prayer), the Wahhabis have been taking over piece by piece the beautiful wooden tekke complex, making Baba Mondi a prisoner inside his own tekke.

Freedom Landscapes

by Marta Popivoda
Serbia / Germany
Theory at Work – Dragana Jovović, Marta Popivoda 

Freedom Landscapes is a film about Sonia Vujanović, the first Partisan woman in Serbia. She was also one of the leaders of the resistance at Auschwitz-Birkenau. The film deals precisely with that story, bespeaking that it is possible to think and practice resistance even in such a totalitarian system as Nazi concentration camps. While travelling through the landscapes of Sonia’s memory, we enter an archive of a world that is vanishing inevitably with its last actors, a story that must be told now or will disappear forever.

Merry Christmas, Yiwu

by Mladen Kovačević
Serbia / France / Sweden
Horopter Film Production – Iva Plemić / Bocalupo Films – Jasmina Sijerčić / Sisyfos Film Production - Ruth Reid and Mario Adamson

Merry Christmas, Yiwu is a melancholic portrait of Yiwu, a place with more than 600 Christmas factories, where Christmas as we know it is manufactured for the entire world. The absurdity of the modern globalised world has rarely been so cinematically explicit as in the everyday lives of migrant Chinese workers trapped in the parallel universe of an eternal Christmas. 

The Black Wedding

by Draga Nikolić
Prababa Production – Jovana Nikolić 

The "black wedding" is a secret marriage ritual between a dead and a living person, in which the bride becomes a wife and a widow at the same time. The film focuses on the single case of the simultaneous wedding and funeral of Miki Kušljić, and three generations of women whose lives were forever marked by this event. The film deals with the question of eternal love, but also with the way we face great loss.

The Labudovic Reels

by Mila Turajlić
Serbia / France
Dribbling Pictures – Mila Turajlić / Survivance – Carine Chichkowsky

President Tito’s cameraman, Stevan Labudović, reveals the secret weapon of solidarity of liberation movements - cinema. An archival road trip and a cinematic view of the Algerian revolution, investigating the role of cinema in the liberation movements of the Third World and the birth of the Non-Aligned Movement.