id w / interactive documentary workshop: A Project Development Programme for Expanded Documentaries

The interactive documentary workshop is an initiative of the Laboratory of Visual Culture (SUPSI) in collaboration with the Industry. id w seeks to support audiovisual professionals in the development of interactive documentaries and non-fiction transmedia projects. Case study sessions and a round table discussion focusing on the use of Augmented/ Mixed Reality in documentaries are open to the public.

Project presentations and Round Table discussion

After the boom of “virtual reality”, welcome to the world of ”mixed reality”. Documentaries have always aimed at representing the real, but what happens when technology blurs the limits between physical and digital? Are holograms and AR headsets opening our eyes, or making us slaves to the machine?

Sandra Gaudenzi, i-Docs Co-director (UK)

Case Studies

The Enemy (CAN/FR, 2015-17) & Elastic Time (CH, 2017)


Karim Ben Khelifa
(The Enemy)

Mark Boulos, Javier Bello Ruiz and Robin Mange
(Elastic Time)


id w / interactive documentary workshop (SUPSI)

Where and When?


Sa 14 April to We 18 April - 9:00-18:00
Château de Bossey
In English | By invitation

Case Studies & Round Table

Su 15 April - 14:30-17:30
Salle Colombière
In English | Open to the public

MR showcase of the project “Elastic Time” (IMVERSE, CH)

Su 15 April - 11:00-13:00 et 18:30-22:00
Restaurant du Réel
Open to the public

i dw / interactive documentary workshop
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