Press Accreditation

Includes | gives access to

  • Festival screenings [*]
  • Opening ceremony (5 April 2019) and Closing ceremony (12 April 2019)[*]
  • Magic Hours and Industry events open to the public
  • Personal profile in the online Who's who
  • Media Library access (about 400 films, including the official programme) during the Festival as well as online access for two weeks after the Festival
  • Festival catalogue


[*] The accreditation badge gives access to all Festival screenings, subject to availability. You must book your tickets for each screening:

  • Online with your access code (as of 11 March 2019)
  • At any Festival ticket office (as of 5 April 2019)



Accreditation for free
Accreditations will be issued only to journalists attending for the purpose of covering the Festival. Proof of affiliation required.

Apply for accreditation on My VdR