Navios de Terra (Brazil,Taiwan)

Land Vessels

Navios de Terra

  • Simone Cortezão


A man leaves Brazil and a red clay quarry that saturates all the surrounding nature to board a cargo ship. He is accompanying the “mountain” that has been extracted from the Brazilian forest and will travel in the ship’s hold to Taiwan.
The opening, the account of a man’s dream, is like a warning: “he knew that his dream would become the nightmare of those who would follow…” and sets the tone of this fable of reality. Is this global world of which the modern man dreams, which pushes back boundaries, already a nightmare of wandering blindly for others? Like the mudslides that invade the imagination of the people encountered, Romulo’s slow and melancholic voyage across the Pacific Ocean is almost immobile. This story of disappearances of land and of mysterious languages takes us aboard globalisation. We take a highly poetic dive into the mist and fog of the absurdity of transporting raw materials across our world, in which man manages to move mountains of them.

Madeline Robert

Length: 73'
Country: Brazil, Taiwan
Year: 2017
Language(s): Mandarin Chinese, Uchinaaguchi, Portuguese
Premiere status at VdR: World Premiere
VdR edition : 2017


Simone Cortezão  (Colégio Invisível)
Ana Moravi  (Colégio Invisível)
Bea França  (Colégio Invisível)
Matheus Antunes  (Cento e Oito Filmes)

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Language(s):  Mandarin Chinese, Uchinaaguchi, Portuguese
Subtitles:  English, French
  • We 26 April 2017
  • 16:15
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  • Th 27 April 2017
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