Instant Dreams (Netherlands)

Instant Dreams

Instant Dreams

  • Willem Baptist


Instant Dreams immerses us in Polaroid’s world of saturated colours. In search of the mystery of the little square photo, we cross paths with eccentric characters, who are fascinated and in love: an artist who stores the last boxes of instant paper in the fridges of her caravan, a chemist who is unravelling the lost formula of the precious photo emulsion, an inventor who is working on Polaroid’s 2.0 Version in a development laboratory…
Enhanced by many, very fine, archives that notably enable us to go back to the beginnings of Dr. Edwin H. Land’s invention, in 1947, the scenes shot today create a real visual and temporal voyage. Via very cadenced editing, taking us from one end of the world to the other, in the middle of the Californian desert or in the streets of Tokyo, the question of the instantaneousness of image is established: Polaroid, from its early stages, marked the presages of the change in our relationship with image. And this film uses all the pop and vintage resources specific to Polaroid to create a real sight to behold!

Madeline Robert

Section:  Doc Alliance
Length: 91'
Country: Netherlands
Year: 2017
Language(s): English
Premiere status at VdR: Swiss Premiere
VdR edition : 2018
Presented as a project at VdR as part of : Pitching du Réel 2016


Pieter van Huystee  (Pieter van Huystee Film)

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Language(s):  English
Subtitles:  French
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