Slatko od Ništa (Serbia,France,Croatia)

In Praise of Nothing

Slatko od Ništa

  • Boris Mitić


A voyage across the world like a fantastic cavalcade through seas, mountains, valleys, streets, forests, deserts and so much more: we accompany “Nothing”, an exceptional guide, to discover banal moments that become unique. The universe offered up by Boris Mitić, the unfathomable enfant terrible of Serbian film, is made of philosophical reflections that blend images caught by the cameras of 62 accomplices with a text imbued with a satirical tone and narrated by the incomparable voice of Iggy Pop. The resulting work invites the spectators undertaking this cinematographical and philosophical journey to make their own free and funny reading of it. Everyone is at liberty to appropriate the paintings and portraits that scroll past and give them their meanings. In this voyage, possibilities rule: Nothing observes and questions and passes the ball straight back to us to see if we’re ready to catch it...

Jasmin Basic

In collaboration with ARTE, a discussion in the form of a case study will take place after this screening, in association with ARTE France - La Lucarne and presented in the context of the Focus Serbia at the Festival. In presence of BorisMitić, filmmaker and Sabine Lange, Commissioning Editor at ARTE G.E.I.E.

On 18 April, In Praise of Nothing by Boris Mitić will be screened at the Dynamo Cinema in the Centre d’Art Contemporain in Geneva, in the presence of the filmmaker. This is in collaboration with Visions du Réel and in parallel to the screening of the film during the Festival.

Section:  Focus Serbia
Length: 78'
Country: Serbia, France, Croatia
Year: 2017
Language(s): English
VdR edition : 2018
Presented as a project at VdR as part of : Pitching du Réel 2015


Fabrizio Polpettini  (La Bête)
Boris Mitić  (Anti Absurd)
Boris Mitić  (Dribbling Pictures)


Language(s):  English
Subtitles:  French
  • Tu 17 April
  • 21:00
Salle Colombière

Followed by a discussion

En partenariat avec ARTE | In collaboration with ARTE