And-Ek Ghes... (Germany)

And-Ek Ghes...

And-Ek Ghes...

  • Colorado Velcu, Philip Scheffner


The Velcu family, from Faţa Luncii in Romania that already featured in Revision, films their move to Germany. The cameras pass from hand to hand, and documentation and self-direction enter into productive dialogue.
P. Scheffner does not make a film about them, but a film with them. Together, they open up a meeting place for the family members, the director and the audience.

Mourad Moussa

Length: 94'
Country: Germany
Year: 2016
Language(s): Romany, Romanian, Spanish, German
Premiere status at VdR: Swiss Premiere
VdR edition : 2018


Rolf Bergmann & Gabriele Conrad  ( RBB Rundfunk Berlin-Brandenburg)
Merle Kröger
Alex Gerbaulet  (pong)

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Merle Kröger
Tel. +49177 254 39 95


Language(s):  Romany, Romanian, Spanish, German
Subtitles:  English, French
  • Tu 17 April
  • 18:15
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En présence du réalisateur | In the presence of the filmmaker