Brenda Akele Jorde
2022, Germany, 89 min

This film is no longer available
THE HOMES WE CARRY portraits a family torn apart by the turmoil of world history between Germany, Mozambique and South Africa. At the center is Sarah, a young Afro-German mother. She wants her daughter to have the relationships she herself lacked as a child. Therefore, she travels with her to Africa, where her own father and the child's father are waiting for them. But meeting Luana's father, who suddenly has to grow up when Sarah shows up at the door with his daughter, presents both of them with great challenges. Meanwhile, Sarah's father Eulidio recalls the almost forgotten and unjust history of the Mozambican contract workers in the former GDR. In his nostalgic day dreams, he returns to the origins of his European family and their sudden separation - a fate he shares with many other German-Mozambican families.
89 min
German, Portuguese, English
Florian ScheweFilm FiveMiriam Henze
Rolf BergmannRundfunk Berlin-Brandenburg
Festival Screenings
  • DOKLeipzig, Germany, 2022, German Competition
Florian ScheweFilm
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