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Gina Guzy
2023, Germany, 53 min

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Logline:Riya is 14. She and her best friend Soni live in a slum in India. They both dream of becoming Army Officers, but as arranged marriage looms around the corner, Indian traditions start to collide with their hopes for a self-determined future.Synopsis:Do you remember the first time you felt the conditions hiding behind your parents' unconditional love? What do you do when the freedom and choice you believed you had evaporates? What happens when your ancestors' well-trodden path appears before you,and you realise it's not the path you want to take?How many forms of paternal protection are you willing to accept, before you start to question their decisions?Why is wanting a different life considered 'just a dream'?Riya is wrapped up in these questions.This is a story of blossoming confidence and timid rebellion.
53 min
Gina Guzymrsg.production
Josephine Aleytdffb, German Film and Television Academy 257 59152
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