Sunday 15 April 2018

Venue : Théâtre de Marens

Accessibility : Open to the public – free admission

Duration: until the start of the last screening of the day at Théâtre de Marens

Discover the works from budding filmmakers aged 4 to 26 years old!


Ecumenical Celebration

Venue : Temple de Nyon

Accessibility : Open to the public – free admission

The reformed and catholic parishes of Nyon jointly invite the Jury Interreligieux and all interested parties, irrespective of their religion.


Morning Talks

Venue : Village du Réel – Forum

Accessibility : Open to the public – free admission

Duration: until 12:30

Every morning, come and meet the filmmakers who presented a film the previous day. The members of the selection committee of Visions du Réel host these daily encounters; informal debates where one is invited to share his/her experiences and film practices.

Venue : Salle Colombière

Accessibility : Open to the public – free admission

Duration: until 14:30

How do stories find an audience in a shifting media world? How do new media influence the documentary film? Swiss journalist Hansi Voigt tries storytelling using a range of vectors and has now ventured to make his first long documentary film: Gülsha und Noëmi

  • Adrien Lecouturier, Emma Benestan
  • 26'
  • 2018
  • International Premiere
  • France
  • Stéphanie Chuat, Véronique Reymond
  • 80'
  • 2018
  • World Premiere
  • Switzerland

Complet | Sold out


Virtual Reality

Venue : Grande Salle (Salle Communale)

Accessibility : Open to the public – free admission

Duration: in the entrance hall of the Grande Salle (Salle Communale), until 20:00

Hors-cadre is a series of virtual reality films, produced by RTS and directed by DNA Studios, which immerses users in the famous works of Swiss painters and artists. Visions du Réel will present the first two episodes of the series: L’Île des Morts by Basel painter Arnold Böcklin, narrated by Yann Marguet, and Intimités by Lausanne painter Félix Vallotton, an episode premiered at the Festival. A new way to discover these paintings and their histories, from the inside.

Venue : Colombière Industry Lab 2

Accessibility : Registration required

Duration: until 18:30

Dedicated to teams of a first or second film in its final production stages, the Rough Cut Lab gives them coaching, expert advice and privileged access to decision makers. The idea is to assist filmmakers in finding the best way to finish their films. 

Welcome to my Home by Maria Müller | Switzerland - Mira Film GmbH

  • Stefan Malešević
  • 78'
  • 2017
  • Swiss Premiere
  • Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Venue : Village du Réel – Forum

Accessibility : All accredited professionals welcome

Duration: until 18:00

Programmers tell their visions and selection criteria and explain how they observe and analyse local and international film production.

Venue : Village du Réel – The Factory

Accessibility : All accredited professionals welcome

Duration: until 19:30

Join us for daily drinks to meet other professionals in a casual atmosphere.

Hosted by HEAD – Genève

Venue : Colombière Industry Lab Cafétéria

Accessibility : Registration required

Duration: until 22:00

A Students' Meeting is organised as part of the Generation Programme for film students to meet each other.

  • Cyril Schäublin
  • 13'
  • 2018
  • World Premiere
  • Switzerland

Venue : Village du Réel – Bar du Réel

Accessibility : Open to the public – free admission

Delia Meshlir (concert)

DJ Betty Bossa
Trrropical Krrraut

For all films at Visions du Réel 2018:
Legal age: 16 years (14 years accompanied by an adult), exceptions where specifically mentioned on a film