Friday 13 April 2018



  • Philip Scheffner
  • 42'
  • 2003
  • Germany

Virtual Reality

Venue : Grande Salle (Salle Communale)

Accessibility : Open to the public – free admission

Duration: in the entrance hall of the Grande Salle (Salle Communale), until 20:00

Hors-cadre is a series of virtual reality films, produced by RTS and directed by DNA Studios, which immerses users in the famous works of Swiss painters and artists. Visions du Réel will present the first two episodes of the series: L’Île des Morts by Basel painter Arnold Böcklin, narrated by Yann Marguet, and Intimités by Lausanne painter Félix Vallotton, an episode premiered at the Festival. A new way to discover these paintings and their histories, from the inside.

Venue : Usine à Gaz – Media Library

Accessibility : Industry accredited professionals welcome

Duration: until 20:00

A selection of more than 400 creative documentary films from 2017/2018 available online and in 30 screening booths.

  • Robert Greene
  • 13'
  • 2005
  • Swiss Premiere
  • United States
  • Jelena Maksimović, Ivan Salatić
  • 19'
  • 2014
  • Swiss Premiere
  • Serbia, Montenegro

Venue : La Grenette

Accessibility : Open to the public – free admission

Duration: until 19:00

6-21 April, exhibition by the Vaud photographer Delphine Schacher, notably winner of the Artistic Prize of the Ville de Nyon in 2014, and finalist of the Swiss Photo Award 2016, whose work features on the Festival’s poster this year.

Venue : Théâtre de Marens

Accessibility : Open to the public – free admission

Duration: until the start of the last screening of the day at Théâtre de Marens

Discover the works from budding filmmakers aged 4 to 26 years old!

  • Talal Derki
  • 99'
  • 2017
  • Swiss Premiere
  • Germany, Syria, Lebanon, Qatar

Complet | Sold out 

CÉRÉMONIE D'OUVERTURE en présence du réalisateur, suivie d'un verre de l'amitié au Village du Réel offert par les Vins de Nyon. | In the presence of the filmmaker, followed by...

Venue : Village du Réel – Bar du Réel

Accessibility : Open to the public – free admission

Adolpho & Franky
Folklor d'influences

For all films at Visions du Réel 2018:
Legal age: 16 years (14 years accompanied by an adult), exceptions where specifically mentioned on a film