Sunday 7 April 2019


Célébration œcuménique

Venue : Temple de Nyon

Accessibility : Free admission

The reformed and catholic parishes of Nyon jointly invite the Jury Interreligieux and all interested parties, irrespective of their religion.


Morning Talks

Venue : Village du Réel – Forum

Accessibility : Free admission

Every morning, come and meet the filmmakers who presented a film the previous day. The members of the selection committee of Visions du Réel animate these daily encounters; informal debates where everyone is invited to share their experiences and film practices.


Venue : Théâtre de Marens

Accessibility : Open to the public – free admission

Duration : open all day, until the start of the last screening of the day at Théâtre de Marens

Join us to discover the filmmaking projects linked to cultural participation and throughout the Festival vote for your favourite films at the Théâtre de Marens! There, you will find: the intergenerational workshop, the Klik! Festival, the REFLEX Festival and the Web Series Doc winners.

  • Jennifer Peedom
  • 74'
  • 2017
  • Australia

Projection anniversaire 50 ans FIFAD et Visions du Réel. Suivi d’une verrée offerte par Visions du Réel. | Anniversary screening for the 50th edition of both the FIFAD and Visions du Réel....

  • Manon Vila
  • 30'
  • 2019
  • World Premiere
  • France

Where are the women? Gender Equality in Swiss Film Productions

Venue : Village du Réel – Forum

Accessibility : Free admission

Duration : until 17:30

Where are the women (apart from costume and script)? Why does it matter? Does gender parity make a difference to a film set? Does your production support gender equality? Do you have a diverse crew? SSFV and SWAN have partnered to organise a roundtable discussion focused on the position and representation of women in technical crews (sets and post-production).

  • Lucia Martinez, Hugo Radi
  • 26'
  • 2019
  • World Premiere
  • Switzerland

Pledge for parity and diversity

Venue : Village du Réel – Forum

Accessibility : Free admission

Duration : until 18:00

Signature of the Pledge for Parity and Diversity in film festivals, at the initiative of SWAN–Swiss Women’s Audiovisual Network. The event is preceded (as of 16:00 at Forum, open to the public) by a round table on "Where are the women? Gender Equality in Swiss Film Productions" organised by the SSFV–Swiss Syndicate for Film and Video in collaboration with SWAN.

  • Hannes Lang
  • 29'
  • 2019
  • World Premiere
  • Germany

Venue : Village du Réel – Bar

Accessibility : Free admission

HAPAX 21 (House/Funk/Disco)

For all films at Visions du Réel 2019:
Legal age: 16 years (14 years accompanied by an adult), exceptions where specifically mentioned on a film