Three afternoon courses at HEP

Come and discover the different facets of contemporary creative documentaries, as part of Visions du Réel! Members of the Festival will propose a panel of original films featured on the VdR at School platform, as well as short films directed by pupils for the Reflex competition. The conditions of this competition intended for young people aged between 12 and 26 will be presented. There will be a special focus on the use of the spoken voice in the creation of films: voice-over, dialogues, conversations, interviews, narration. Different kinds of documentaries using the spoken voice will be addressed: life stories, investigations, making-ofs, creative documentaries. 

By creating a short film, you will discover the stages of directing a film (writing the synopsis, shooting, editing) and the necessary technical basics (editing software used:  iMovie). Examples of films directed by classes will be shown and there will be opportunities to discuss your projects. There will be exercises focusing on the relationship between the spoken voice and image as well as a consideration of the transposition and adaptation of these projects in the classroom.

Target audience: This course is mainly intended for French and language teachers at secondary school levels I and II.


Wednesday 06.10.2021 from 2.00 pm to 5.15 pm,
Wednesday 13.10.2021 from 2.00 pm to 5.15 pm,
Wednesday 01.12.2021 from 1.30 pm to 5.30 pm

Registration here (in the ‘Recherche libre’ search box, write ”Visions du Réel”, then go to the Inscription tab)

Educational half-day course during the festival

This educational half-day course, led by Chloé Hofmann, a researcher in the Film History and Aesthetics department at the University of Lausanne, will enable participants to acquire the tools for film analysis and provide ideas for working on film in the classroom before and/after the screening.

Target audience: this course is intended for teachers at secondary school levels I and II .

Date: forthcoming


Looking back at the educational evening held on 4 March 2021

The educational evening of 4 March 2021, hosted by Florence Quinche, a researcher in arts and technologies didactics at HEP-Vaud, focused on the use of documentary film in the classroom. Florence Quinche proposed several possible approaches and gave many ideas enabling film to be used as the starting point of an educational sequence. As examples, she chose two short films available on the VdR at School platform: >Nés derrière les pierres (Carina Freire, 2012) and >Josette et moi (Jann Kessler, 2018).

We invite you to discover a video excerpt of the evening (12 minutes): > Excerpt of the educational evening of 4 March 2021