Visions du Réel 2020: a generous and accomplished online edition

Thank you, see you next year!

The 51st edition of Visions du Réel came to an end on Sunday 3 May, followed online with enthusiasm by a large audience. The 134 films of the programme, including 89 world premieres, have been watched 60,500 times on the platform tailor-made for this one-of-a-kind edition. We would like to thank the public, our institutional, private and technical partners, the filmmakers, producers and film professionals for supporting us in this exceptional adventure!

It is thanks to the precious support of our partners, Festival Scope (in association with Shift72), Tënk, Doc Alliance, RTS, SRF and RSI, that this edition has been a true success, and that the 134 films of the programme found their online audience and have for the most part sold out. In addition to the programme, many online activities have allowed to recreate the energy and conviviality of the Festival, gathering more than 4,500 people, filmmakers and spectators for discussions, debates, party nights and Masterclasses.

The Industry programme, which was also redeployed online, has welcomed more than 1,300 professionals. Thanks to the combination of specific softwares and the technical team’s skills, it was possible to maintain the activities intended for the industry, as well as the Industry Talks open to the public, and for all to meet a tremendous success.

Thank you very much, see you next year!
52nd edition of Visions du Réel: 16 to 24 April 2021.