Syrian producer Orwa Nyrabia reported missing

Orwa Nyrabia, a Syrian producer and director of the documentary film festival DOX BOX, has been reported missing. Visions du Réel wants to express its deep concern and solidarity with this colleague and asks for his immediate release.

He "disappeared" on Thursday, August 23rd, after entering the Damascus International Airport. He was about to fly to Cairo but Egypt Air confirmed that he wasn’t on board. According to his family and close friends, Orwa Nyrabia was arrested by the Syrian regime, ubiquitous at the Damascus Airport. 

After having studied theater, Orwa Nyrabia (born in Homs, in 1977) founded Dox Box, an independent film production company. He also created a documentary festival in Syria with the same name whose last edition was cancelled in protest against the unbearable situation in his country.

The director of Visions du Reel, Luciano Barisone, met Orwa Nyrabia in 2011 ; they were both members of the jury for the IDFA Jury - International Documentary Film Festival, in Amsterdam. He could see his professionalism and especially his commitment to the defense of human rights. This "disappearance" reported by various sources and his family could be another act of repression by the Syrian authorities.