Visions du Réel 19-26 avril 2013

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The programme of the 44th Visions du Réel (19 tp 26 April 2013) is revealed: Reflection, exploration and discovery are the key themes of the 154 films of the selection.

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Reflection, exploration, and discovery are the key themes of the International Film Festival of Visions du Réel in Nyon this year which will be held from 19th to 26th April 2013.

The programme of this 44th festival includes a total of 110 films in competition from 45 countries, including 24 Swiss films. For almost all of the films the festival screenings will be world or international premieres; the fruit of a record number of nearly 3 500 films submitted to Nyon or discovered in festivals around the world by Luciano Barisone and his selection committee. This record number of films screened underscores the growing reputation of the Festival nationally and internationally and enables the organisers to apply particularly stringent criteria in the selection process, Claude Ruey proudly announces.

Exploring new ways of life and imagining the future.
In the face of the contradictions of a globalised system, the world is seeking a possible future. After the social unrest which in recent years has affected the West, the East, as well as the Arab world, filmmakers everywhere are reflecting on the current situation, exploring new ways of life, and imaging the future. For Luciano Barisone, the subjects of the films screened at the Visions du Réel Festival this year bear witness to this state of affairs and highlight this thirst for reflection, exploration, and discovery.

An exclusive selection based on respect, commitment, originality, aesthetics, and creativity
To select the 110 films for the competition (50 feature length films, 24 medium length films, and 36 short films) from among 3 500 films, our selection criteria set very high standards, explains Luciano Barisone. The respect of the spectators and of the persons filmed, the filmmakers’ commitment to their projects, as well as the originality and aesthetics of the films are among the key selection criteria. The ability of the filmmakers to produce inspired, creative films is also very important for us, adds the artistic director. So as to strengthen its role as an international platform for the promotion of films, exclusivity is also crucial for Visions du Réel. All the screenings of the competition will be world premieres (72 films), international premieres (31), and European or Swiss premieres (7). 

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