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Visions du Réel 2012 Official Trailer

Programme announcement

Visions du Réel 2012 is proud to present a varied and fascinating programme and is looking forward to share it with you.

We invite you to discover the programme day by day.
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Among the 3 500 films screened by the director, the selection committee, and the Festival correspondents in Latin America, the United States, Russia, India, Asia and the Pacific, 110 films have been selected for the competitive sections of the programme. They are added to the films programmed in the Ateliers, Séances spéciales, Focus and Port Franc sections. 47 producing countries are represented.

The Swiss productions are excellent and reflect the high quality of production in our country.The main theme running through almost allof the films is transition, approached from political, social, and economic perspectives, or from human, personal, and private perspectives. Values are changing and the cinema can only bear witness to this fact. Memory and hope are a part of this transition: a distanced look is taken on the one hand, at the end of the utopias and certainties of the 20th century, and on the other, at the birth of a sentiment of revolt and of other possible more modest utopias of human dimensions. Between the two, people suffer, fight, dream, and distract themselves. They still have the taste for life.

“If we can do it, why do it?”
Arnaud des Pallières quoting Gertrude Stein

Day by day programme