Poster 2014 (image: Sherman's March, Ross McElwee)

Les Tourmentes, Pierre-Yves Vandeweerd


Visions du Réel reveals its Ateliers and its poster for 2014! Two famous filmmakers will be invited for the Ateliers section: Ross McElwee and Pierre-Yves Vandeweerd.

Visions du Réel, Festival international de cinéma Nyon, reveals its 2014 poster. As in previous editions, it is based on the work of one of the directors invited for the Ateliers section. This year, a still from the film Sherman’s March by Ross McElwee was chosen.

The Ateliers section: a tribute to talented filmmakers

Visions du Réel’s Ateliers put forward the documentary work of renowned cineastes through a retrospective. The Festival also offers each of the selected directors the opportunity to give a masterclass in their own style: for one morning, they can show film extracts and exchange with the audience in order to get through their ideas on filmmaking. This is the opportunity to learn more about them, their world, the way they work. In 2014, the two guests are very different from one another but surely will take the audience on a fascinating journey through documentary cinema.

Ross McElwee: the character behind the camera

“Ross McElwee is a paradox: although his stories are deeply rooted in American soil, his storytelling is miles away from the American narrative tradition”, explains Luciano Barisone, Director of the Festival. Ross McElwee, whose films were shown in major festivals (Berlin, Cannes, Venice), proposes a different take on the act of filming. He does not aspire to the universality of Hollywood films; on the contrary, he is well aware of his subjectivity and plays with it, to such an extent that the man behind the camera becomes a character of his own. Best known for his autobiographic films, he likes to mix an intimate dimension with History.

Pierre-Yves Vandeweerd: total immersion

“Pierre-Yves Vandeweerd fits magnificently within our artistic frame”, announces Luciano Barisone with enthusiasm. “He captures reality, makes it his own and transcends it.” Famous for Le Cercle des Noyés (2007) and Territoire Perdu (2011), the Belgian anthropologist is fully involved in the stories that he tells. Sometimes, the film ends up carrying him in a totally unexpected direction. His work starts with an intensive observational phase, during which he gets completely immersed in a universe. Then he dedicates himself to a thorough aesthetic effort that gives the film clarity and meaning. The result is of a formal and human beauty beyond all expectations.

The programme of the Festival will be revealed at the beginning of April 2014.