Visions du Réel On Tour | Work Hard - Play Hard

Visions du Réel On Tour presents Work Hard - Play Hard, distributed by Cinélibre, starting on May 16 at Filmpodium Zürich, and on May 23 at Kino Kunstmuseum Bern. Tickets to win!


Visions du Réel On Tour accompanies film releases in cinema theaters all year long in Switzerland. Films revealed by the Festival Visions du Réel, but also other films that express our values and share our approach to the "réel", the real.

Work Hard - Play Hard
by Carmen Losmann

Work and working have become something different. Director Carmen Losmann introduces us to a world made of non-territorial office space where time clocks have ceased to exist. The new workers are multi-mobile knowledge-equipped ones and dominate a post-industrial landscape where human resources are the real value. A world where people are completely committed to making their job their purpose in life.
Screened as a European Premiere at Visions du Réel 2012 as part of the Doc Alliance Selection.
Distrbuted by Cinélibre → trailer

Germany 90min, in German
Starting May 16 | Filmpodium Zürich
Starting May 23 | Kino Kunstmuseum Bern

Screening on May 23 at Kino Kunstmuseum Bern will be followed by a discussion. → list of the participants and more information about this event

Tickets to win! To attend the screening on May 23, 2013 at 6pm, Kino Kunstmuseum Bern, send us an email with your contact and the name of the film Work Hard - Play Hard at concours[at]visionsdureel[dot]ch

Deadline to play: Tuesday, May 21, 2013. Winners will be notified by email.