Visions du Réel On Tour | Those Who Go Those Who Stay

Discover an unusual documentary that will immerse you in a poetic yet sad Europe. Visions du Réel On Tour accompanies its theatrical release at the Kino Xenix in Zürich thanks to La Mobilière's generous support.

Thanks to the generous support of La Mobilière, Visions du Réel On Tour accompanies the theatrical release in German-speaking Switzerland of four films selected during the Festival's last edition: The Optimists, Domino Effect, Bugarach and Those Who Go Those Who Stay. Previews and premières in the presence of the filmmakers are on February's programme.

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Those Who Go Those Who Stay by Ruth Beckermann
Austria 2013 | 75’ | VO
Visions du Réel 2014 – International Competition

Everyday from 19 to 25 February, 17:15
Kino Xenix, Zürich

An essay relying on a remarkably complex and efficient montage – in a mock random format, this film takes us on a journey through the fragmented identity of a ceaselessly displaced Europe. From Nigerian asylum seekers in Sicily to drunken nationalists in Vienna and an Arab musician in Galilee, Ruth Beckermann composes a stream of consciousness that is as personal as it is profound.

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The 2014-2015 season of Visions du Réel On Tour is launched in German-speaking Switzerland thanks to the generous support of La Mobilière.
The Fondation Ernst Göhner also supports the Visions du Réel On Tour project since its beginnings in 2012.