Visions du Réel on Tour | Loubia Hamra

Awarded in prestigious festivals and presented in the Doc Alliance Selection 2014 at Visions du Réel, Loubia Hamra (Bloody Beans) is released in Cinema Spoutnik, Geneva. Don't miss the Premiere of the film on October 22, in the presence of guests.

Cinema Spoutnik in Geneva will show Loubia Hamra (Bloody Beans) on Wednesday October 22 at 8:30pm, in the presence of the filmmaker Narimane Mari and of the original soundtrack musician Cosmic Neman, from band Zombie Zombie, present for a DJ set after the screening.  

The director’s first feature film, which won several awards in 2013 and which was presented at Visions du Réel as part of the Doc Alliance Selection 2014, is a formidable example of how younger generations can appropriate a history that obviously goes over their heads. Transparently illustrating colonisation and the Algerian War of Independence, as well as the ensuing complex and painful relationships, Loubia Hamra is above all a film imbued with grace and the joy of children at play.

Loubia Hamra (Bloody Beans)
by Narimane Mari
France, Algeria, 2013, 77 min

In Cinema: from October 22 to 28, 2014
at Cinema Spoutnik
4 Place des Volontaires, Geneva

Premiere: Wednesday 22 at 8:30pm
in the presence of Narimane Mari & Cosmic Neman

Thu 23, Fri 24 at 8:30pm
Sat 25 at 6pm & 8:30pm
Sun 26 at 6pm & 8pm
Mon 27, Tue 28 at 8:30pm

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