Videogag - a very serious exercise of high school students, just for fun

Via this experiment, the High School (Gymnase) of Nyon is initiating a newpartnership with the Festival.

To split your sides, to be in stitches, to be rolling in the aisles, to be tickled pink,just for fun, no laughing matter, the quality of one’s laughterand what triggers it off is not something which is unanimously shared. However, analysing laughter makes it possible to define its different facets. By looking at works ranging from Charlie Chaplin’s silent films to the more recent films by the Zucker Brothers, not to mention certain videos filmed by artists,we realise that what inspires us to laugh or to smile differ greatly. We assume each individual has a sense of humour, even thoughit may sometimes be dormant. 

This exercise was part of the Maturité Suisse exam and offered to the participants at the Nyon High School (Gymnase) interested in expressing their own brand of humour via the special medium of video. The opportunity of a collaboration with Visions du Réel has made it possible to take note of this special expressive movement and its use of image and sound also involves the relationship to reality. The credibility of which is sometimes challenged by the absurd.

Via this experiment the Gymnase of Nyon is initiating a newpartnership with the Festival which has been made possible by the openness of mind and the energy of its managementfor which we are very grateful.

Pierre Schwerzmann

Facilitators: nton  Anton, Pierre Schwerzmann