VdR On Tour | Trading Paradise

As of 16 March 2017, the film TRADING PARADISE is screened as a premiere in all French-speaking Switzerland cinemas!


by Daniel Schweizer and Valentina Monti
Switzerland/Italy, 2016, 78'
Screened as a world premiere at Visions du Réel 2016

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The practices of commodities trading companies based in Switzerland might be the reason for the next defamation of the country. Large parts of the world trade in commodities are handled by companies based in Zug and Geneva. They are known to pay very little tax and to defy responsibility for environmental damage caused in the extracting countries. Trading Paradise reveals how this business works. 


Screenings in presence of the filmmaker Daniel Schweizer

16 March, 20:15 at Cinéma Les Scala, Geneva. Guests: François Longchamps of Public Eye and Denis Ruysschaert of Swissaid
19 March, 17:00 at Cinéma la Grange, Delémont. Guest: Patrick Tresch, the film's Director of photography
20 March, 18:30 at Rex, Fribourg. Guest: Michel Diot of Fribourg Solidaire
21 March, 18:30 at Rex, Vevey
21 March, 20:30 at Grain d'Sel, Bex
25 March, 20:30 at Galeries, Lausanne. Guest: Chantal Peyer of Pain pour le Prochain
26 March, 11:00 at Cinéma Royal, Ste-Croix
26 March, 16:00 at Cinéma ABC, La Chaux-de-Fonds
26 March, 18:00 at Cinéma Rex, Neuchâtel