VdR On Tour | The Beekeeper and His Son

Cinema release as of 20 July: THE BEEKEEPER AND HIS SON in Zurich, St-Gallen Bern, Lucern, Olten and Basel. 3 screenings in the presence of the filmmaker.


by Diedie Weng
2016 | 80'
Switzerland, Canada
World premiere at Visions du Réel 2016

Back in the village after his studies in town, Maofu is 20 years old and his ambition is to modernise his father’s bee farm. However, the latter does not see it this way and bemoans his son’s lack of desire to enter this trade. “With a personal desire to reconnect with my roots, I longed to make a film about a young man learning his father’s traditional beekeeping craft and reconnecting with his family (...). However, things didn’t go as I had expected, and I became interested in why it was so hard for a young man to stay in the village nowadays. I gradually realized that the film has helped me face my own questions about identity and family relationships through understanding the internal needs of both the father and the son.” (DW) A silent conflict filmed close up and with a certain empathy, which reflects the generational divide in contemporary China, hesitating between rural life and urban State capitalism.


As of 20 July 2017
Zurich, Arthouse Movie
St-Gallen, Kinok

As of 27 July 2017
Bern, Rex
In the presence of the filmmaker: 24 July 2017, 20:00

As of 17 August 2017
Lucern, Stattkino
In the presence of the filmmaker: 17 August 2017

As of 31 August 2017
Olten, Lichtspiele

As of 7 September 2017
Basel, Stadtkino
In the presence of the filmmaker: 7 September 2017