VdR On Tour | Révolution silencieuse

RÉVOLUTION SILENCIEUSE is screened as a premiere throughout French-speaking Switzerland as of 15 January! The story of an eternally optimistic farmer.


by Lila Ribi
FRA, 2016, 92'
Screened as a world premiere at Visions du Réel 2016

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Cédric is a farmer. Holding fast to his beliefs and at the risk of losing the means to support his family, he embarks on an experiment in more thought-out cereal growing and tries out intuitive and surprising methods, far removed from conventional agricultural practices. The film reveals the struggles of an obstinate and eternally optimistic farmer over a year of work.


Screenings in the presence of the director Lila Ribi.

Sunday 15 January, 11:00 at Cinéma Rex 1, Fribourg
Thursday 19 January, 18:15 at Cinéma Bel-Air, Yverdon
Friday 20 January, 18:30 at Cinémas Rex, Vevey
Sunday 22 January, 11:00 at Cinéma Odéon 1, Morges
Tuesday 24 January, 20:00 at Cinéma Grain d'Sel, Bex
Wednesday 25 January, 20:00 at Cinémas Scala 1, Genève
Thrusday 26 January, 18:30 at Cinémas Galeries 6, Lausanne
Friday 27 January, 18:15 at Cinémas de Sion, Sion (subject to modifications)
Saturday 28 January, 18:00 at Cinéma Apollo, Neuchâtel
Saturday 28 January, 20:15 at Cinéma Scala, La Chaux-de-Fonds
Sunday 29 January, 11:00 at Cinéma Royal, Sainte-Croix
Sunday 29 January, 17:00 at Cinéma Eden, Chateau-d'Œx
Friday 3 February, 18:30 at Cinéma Urba 1, Orbe
Sunday 5 February, 11:00 at Cinémont, Delémont

RÉVOLUTION SILENCIEUSE will also be screened at the 52nd Solothurn Film Festival,
Monday 23 January, 12:00 at Cinéma Palace, Soleure,
and Wednesday 25 January, 14:30 at Cinéma Canva Club, Soleure

In theaters 25 January 2017.