VdR On Tour Nyon | Insulaire

Special screening as an avant-première on Monday 11 March 2019, 20:30, at Cinémas Capitole Nyon. Win tickets!


Stéphane Goël
Switzerland 2018, 92'
Presented as a film project at Docs in Progress VdR2018
Selection Locarno 2018

Avant-première in the presence of the filmmaker
In 1877, a Swiss aristocrat, Alfred von Rodt, became the governor of a remote Chilean island. Exiled from his country and family, von Rodt strived until his death to build a utopian 'little kingdom', but failed and lost his entire fortune. Insulaire tells the story of this outcast through the lives of his descendants, who today seek political autonomy and a preservation of their indigenous identity. 

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Monday 11 March 2019, 20:30
Special prize: CHF 12.–
Visions du Réel On Tour at the Cinémas Capitole Nyon

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