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GOD SAVE JUSTIN TRUDEAU is screened under the stars along with the short film FILMSTRIPE at CinéTransat Geneva, Sunday 30 July 2017! Free admission.

Visions du Réel On Tour at CinéTransat Geneva with an extraordinary documentary comedy: God Save Justin Trudeau is not a boxing movie. Nor an authorized biography. It’s a documentary about the art of politics in the 21st century.Justin Trudeau vs. Patrick Brazeau. The improbable boxing match between the ambitious Liberal MP and the young Conservative senator was one of the hottest media events on the Canadian federal political scene in 2012. For better or for worse? Skillfully combining archival footage and impressive original material, Guylaine Maroist and Éric Ruel assess the not-insignificant impact of the fight on the present and future of a country whose politics are increasingly focused on spectacle. Is there a parallel between boxing and politics? What does it take to win? Is winning a boxing match all it takes today to move up the political ranks and woo voters? Are social media and new ways of consuming information making us focus much more on appearances than content? Are politicians themselves victims of our fascination with compelling, reductive images?

by Guylaine Maroist, Eric Ruel
2014, Canada, 90'
English and French
International premiere at Visions du Réel 2015

screened along with the short film
by John Blouin
2012, Canada, 18'
International premiere at Visions du Réel 2013

Action stations in a cinema’s projection room: the film roll has got mixed up in the middle of a screening! With no time to lose, the projectionist must repair everything before the reel change. He calmly explains the tricks of the trade to his apprentice, complete with anecdotes: “All the movements you see me making here are movements that are about to disappear.” Filmed in the theatre of Montreal’s National Film Office just before it closed its doors, this black-and-white race against-the-clock film pays tribute to a declining profession, at least in the form we knew until the recent “switch to digital”. Our heroic projectionist, more craftsman than technician, transmits his know-how, learnt on the job, to his sidekick: “It’s a real performance, man!” But through a mischievous ‘mise en abyme’, the whole film is a performance here. In a single long take, larger-than-life actors play out a formidable documentary on cinema, from the projection room. An exhilarating short film. 

CinéTransat, Perle du Lac park in Geneva
Free admission
Screening: from dusk, around 21:00-21:30
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Screenings are cancelled in case of very strong wind or rain. Cancellation announced before 19:00 on CinéTransat's website