The Turtle's Rage | Muhr Arab Documentary

Discovered during the 2012 Edition of the Festival Visions du Réel, Schildkrötenwut (the Turtle's Rage) recently won the Muhr Arab Documentary for the best film in Dubai.

Dubai International Film Festival: Muhr Arab Documentary

During the official ceremony of the 9th Dubai International Film Festival (DIFF), the documentary The Turtle's Rage (Schildkrötenwut) by the film director Pary El-Qalqili, received the Muhr Arab Documentary for the best film. This movies was scheduled, as world premiere, during the last edition of the festival Visions du Réel (2012), were it received the price Regard Neuf.


The Turtle's Rage

A man leaves his wife and his 12-year-old daughter in Berlin to return to Palestine, to fight for his people and make a fresh start. After ten years, the man is expelled by the Israelis and forced to return to Germany where his wif allows him to live in the cellar of her row house. His daughter tries to understand this mysterious man, who spends his days in silence... like a turtle in its shell.


This newly awarded movie emphases, once again, the position of the festival Visions du Réel as talent scout. Visions du Réel is a real start for young film directors, willing to internationally launch their career.