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The Doc Visions du Réel show on RTS2 offers to (re)discover the film Like Stone Lions at the Gateway into Night, by Olivier Zuchuat.

Like Stone Lions at the Gateway into Night | by Olivier Zuchuat

Doc Visions du Réel on RTS2 presents Comme des Lions de Pierre à l'Entrée de la Nuit (Like stone lions at the gateway into night). This movie was introduced for its world premiere in the International Competition section during Visions du Réel 2012.

Monday October 22 at 00:20 on RTS2

Between 1948 and 1951, 80'000 Greek citizens - suspected of being part of the "Communist threat" - were interned on the small island of Makronissos. They included many writers who, despite their sufferings and torture, wrote poems about their life/survival in this concentration camp environment. These texts, in some cases buried in the camp grounds, have been recovered. A cinematographic essay which seeks to ensure that a forgotten episode finds its place in the public imagination.