Laila Pakalnina - The Hostage

New Festival poster & Ateliers 2013

Visions du Réel reveals its new poster, a picture taken from the 2013 Ateliers: two master classes with famous filmmakers: Laila Pakalnina and Eyal Sivan.

Festival 19th edition poster
and the two Ateliers 2013

Visions du Réel provides the public with an opportunity to discover a selection of the best cinéma du réel films, but that’s not all: the Festival also provides an opportunity to attend film master classes thanks to its traditional Ateliers.

Latvian filmmaker Laila Pakalnina
and Israeli filmmaker Eyal Sivan
will be our special guests in 2013. This will enable the public to re-acquaint itself with their films during the Festival in Nyon (19th to 26th April 2013) or for the very first time in Lausanne and Geneva thanks to a new collaboration with the Cinémathèque Suisse and the Cinémas du Grütli.

Laila Pakalnina: Humour and Beauty

Laila Pakalnina’s films are complex yet accessible, they are light and profound at the same time, associating irony and beauty. Her documentaries as well as her feature films – selected by major festivals (Berlin, Cannes, Locarno, and Venice) – are based on a meticulous observation of life and require few words. “She considers that if something can be explained verbally, the cinematographic potential of the subject is lessened" (Luciano Barisone, director of Visions du Réel).
Her narratives, stripped of dialogue and rich in images, are built on a montage accumulating visual indications rather than on a plot. Such a process leaves room for interpretation and offers the viewer exciting possibilities in which enjoyment of the spectacle is associated with an empathic reflection on humanity.

Eyal Sivan: The filmmaker with another perspective of History

Another perspective of History: that is what characterises the work of Israeli filmmaker Eyal Sivan, whose work provides some of the most intense insights and deepest philosophical outlooks in contemporary documentary film. His films adopt a perspective in which confrontation with History is inevitable and permanent; a perspective in which documentary filmmaking is not projected within a hypothetical future but strongly rooted in the present. For him, making a documentary is to take a new or different look at History, to be able to express another point of view about what already exists, what has already been seen, and what is already known. 
This constant search for new references, for a different History – while constantly reflecting on the very definition of historical truth – has made of Eyal Sivan’s work a landmark reference in film during the last thirty years; it has also made him one of the most attentive observers of the conflict between Israel and Palestine.

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