Village without women

Village without women

Village without women

Focus on Bosnia-Herzegovina

For the second time, Visions du Réel and the Doc Outlook-International Market (DOCM) shed light on a budding yet little-known filmmaking country, with the aim of drawing attention to committed directors and their captivating documentary films, as well as encouraging international collaboration at the levels of both coproduction and distribution.

After Columbia, this year the focus is on Bosnia-Herzegovina, both as part of the festival programme and in the DOCM Media Library. The wide variety of films, curated by Rada Sesic, shown all draw from the still traumatic legacy of war and ethnic conflicts, while reflecting on the complexities of the present and the perspectives for the future.

In-depth information pertaining to the historical context, the selected films, and the conditions in which these were produced and distributed allows for more insight into the local (filmmaking) conditions.

Focus Talk

At the Focus Talk, guests from Bosnia-Herzegovina, representatives from Swiss public film funding institutions, as well as European producers, distributors and TV editors gather around one table in order to discuss their experiences and examine the options and perspectives for future collaboration in the fields of production and distribution.


Among the guests already invited are the curator Rada Sesic, the director and TV producer Namik Kabil with his film Interrogation, director and producer Nejra Latic Hulusic with Her cinema love, director Nedzad Begovic with A cell phone movie, a winner at the last Sarajevo Film Festival, and Srdjan Sarenac with his award-winning Village without Women. Completing the guest list are Amra Baksic, producer and head of the Cine Link film market, and Jovan Marjanovic, representative of both Eurimage and the Bosnian state film fund, bringing the added value of their long-time experience and participation in the expansion of the Bosnian film scene.


Gudula Meinzolt
Head of Doc Outlook-International Market 
Tel.: +41 22 365 44 55