FIFF | Carte blanche to Luciano Barisone

The FIFF, Fribourg International Film Festival, welcomes Luciano Barisone, Director of Visions du Réel, with one of his favourite films: Easy Rider, by Dennis Hopper!

In the context of its Special Screenings, the FIFF gave carte blanche to Luciano Barisone, Director of Visions du Réel, to present one of his favourite films. His choice: Easy Rider, by Dennis Hopper. Discover or rediscover this late 1960s legendary "road movie",  a reflection of hopes for liberation and fears of the Establishment.

Easy Rider tells the story of a contemporary but apocalyptic journey of two self-righteous, drug-fueled, anti-hero bikers eastward through the American Southwest. Their trip to Mardi Gras in New Orleans takes them through limitless, untouched landscapes (icons such as Monument Valley), various towns, a hippie commune, and a graveyard, but also through areas where local residents are increasingly narrow-minded and hateful of their long-haired freedom and use of drugs. 

"In 1969, Easy Rider was as carefree as I was. It pushed me to go on a journey, to refuse dominant values, to embrace freedom and respecting others'. It's about the american dream, the lightness of words and gestures, the truthfulness of an historical time when young people believed in a possible change of universal values. Being free, living together, accepting that time passes by, are three values brought up by this film, and which guides me in my life."
Luciano Barisone, Director of Visions du Réel


Easy Rider by Dennis Hopper, 1969.
With: Peter Fonda, Dennis Hopper, Jack Nicholson

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