Exhibition: "They kill us in silence" by Denis Jutzeler

For his film Vol spécial, Fernand Melgar entrusted the camera work to Denis Jutzeler. Fortwo months, the film crew worked in the Frambois administrative detention centre to film the situation of twenty-six foreign detainees whose appeals for asylum have been rejected.


They are forced to wait for an indeterminate period before being sent back to their country of origin on a “special flight”. At the end of the filming, Denis Jutzeler offers to photograph those who are willing to sit for him: “I wanted to capture their gazes and for them to expressin their own manner the despair and anxiety they experience from day to day, and to paytribute to them through my photographs which appear as derisory given their distress and how Swiss law has compromised their futures.”

Wednesday 25.04 | 19:00| Galerie Focale

Encounter with the photographer Denis Jutzeler and the director Fernand Melgar (tbc).