Doc RTS | Jumping the Shadows

World premiere at VdR2015, now on TV, on Sunday 3 December 2017 on RTS Deux: JUMPING THE SHADOWS follows Wayne Paul, whose life is like a fiction.

The Doc Visions du Réel alllows you to (re)discover films unveiled during previous editions of the Festival. This month, do not miss JUMPING THE SHADOWS, screened as a world premiere at Visions du Réel 2015.


Lorenzo Valmontone, Steven Blatter
69' | Switzerland, United Kingdom | 2015

Sunday 3 December 2017 at 22:45
on RTS Deux
 (schedule subject to change)

With his sorrowful face and impressive stature, Wayne Paul is a true character. Born on 21st July 1964 in the East End of London, he suffered a life of violence from an early age. His father beat him regularly and, at the age of 6, he suddenly developed a severe speech impediment. A life of violence, drugs and jail followed, from which Wayne sought to escape by the grace of his voice.In the words of one of his friends: “He was like a wee wounded angel. He has got this innocence in him like a child. It’s not malicious, it’s a kind of innocence. It can be that innocence sometimes leads you down the wrong path and that’s maybe what happened to him…”At the age of 50, with a dark life behind him, he tells his story, guiding us through the meanderings of his nebulous past to the present day where, like a tightrope walker, he strives to keep his balance and to find his place in the world…