A new step and a new visual identity

Six months away from the next edition, which will be held from 13 to 21 April 2018, Visions du Réel unveils its new visual identity.

Six months away from its next edition, which will be held from 13 to 21 April 2018, Visions du Réel, International Film Festival Nyon, unveils its new visual identity. A year before it celebrates its 50th edition, Visions du Réel is in fact embarking upon a new step with its new artistic direction and a new logo. "We wanted to mark this transition by revitalising and refreshing our image," underlines Claude Ruey, President of the Festival, "this is our way of demonstrating our capacity both for renewal and for continuity." This new visual identity is the result of a collaboration with ARD Design, Vevey. For the poster, a photo by a young local artist, Delphine Schacher, has been chosen.

A fresh all-new logo, which retains the key elements of identity that the Festival has constructed so far-that is to say its name since 1995, Visions du Réel, and the colour red that we have seen gradually taking over the Festival's posters from the first years onwards-that is how Visions du Réel is symbolically marking the transition towards this 49th edition. What does this new logo represent? Some will see a screen, others perhaps confetti: this red diagonal undoubtedly evokes a new vision, a more festive aspect and, certainly, a very strong dynamic.

For the 2018 poster, the Festival is highlighting a photographic piece by a young local artist, whose work has already won many awards: the Vaudois photographer Delphine Schacher, winner of the Artistic Prize of the Municipality of Nyon in 2014 and finalist in the Swiss Photo Award last year. "Her strong relationship with the documentary style made this image the obvious choice for us. This year, we have a photograph and not an image taken from a film. Delphine Schacher's perspective of the real and her precise framing echo Visions du Reel's editorial line," evokes Emilie Bujès, Artistic Director.

Taken in the heart of the Festival in 2015, this photo is a colourful invitation to the next edition, which will take place from 13 to 21 April 2018.