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Visions du Réel in free streaming from June 2 to 15! On DocAlliance online channel: watch (again) three films by Pierre-Yves Vandeweerd (Atelier 2014) and five by Richard Dindo (Prix Maître du Réel 2014).

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From June 2 to 15, 2014


Racines Lointaines
The dream of a tree, a letter to a woman who was abandoned, the confession of a nomadic body and mind... After leaving in search of a lost world, the filmmaker travels through territories and questions their people. In the opposite direction to the migratory flow to Europe, he traces the roots of an ancient wisdom that still feeds the imagination of the African griots. And he begins to define the place of his cinema...

Closed District
Southern Sudan, 1997. A film about the everyday life in a country at war for 30 years. The filmmaker, who left to bear witness to a forgotten plight, returns with material that does not succeed in expressing his intentions. It will remain unused. Seven years later, learning of the massacre of the majority the people he had filmed, making a film from the images he had collected becomes necessary.

Le Cercle des Noyés
Mauritania. Between 1987 and 1994, several political prisoners experienced terrible years of detention in the old colonial fortress of Oualata in the Sahara desert. Ten years later, one of them who survived incarceration, torture and unimaginable living conditions, talks about it. His calm voice spreads out over today's landscapes. In his recollections, the banality of evil takes shape.



Arthur Rimbaud, une biographie
A documentary fiction taking the form of an investigation conducted not long after the poet’s death, this ambitious film is structured around Rimbaud’s writings and testimonies from those close to him, such as his mother, sister, childhood friend, teacher, and above all his friend and lover Paul Verlaine. An immersive exploration of the poet’s work, set against the backdrop of the history of France.

Dani, Michi, Renato & Max
The Zurich youth movement in 1980 and 1981 provides the setting for this film which, for the filmmaker, is a new committed investigation into the death of four young men who participated in it, victims of “accidents” involving the police. Placing great emphasis on testimonies and on speech in general, this film is a staunch defence of the rebellion of a generation seeking freedom.

Ernesto "Che" Guevara: le journal de Bolivie
Inspired by Guevara’s diary, Dindo follows in the footsteps of the Cuban revolutionary, seeking out the people and places that shared his last battle. Starting with the sadly famous image of Che on his deathbed, the inevitable failure of a revolutionary dream unfolds on screen. An ambitious work of memory that investigates the legend as a man in all of his emotional intensity.

Genet à Chatila
In September 1982, the day after a great many Palestinian refugees were killed by militia, Jean Genet visited the Chatila camp in Beirut and was irrevocably affected by what he saw. Accompanied by a young French woman of Algerian origin, Dindo delivers a film that is as lyrical as the prose of the author in whose footsteps he is following, in a time cadenced by Mozart’s Requiem.

L'exécution du traître à la patrie Ernst S. 
The soldier Ernst S. was one of seventeen “traitors” shot in Switzerland during World War II, accused of collaborating, stealing guns to sell to Germany. Very controversial when released, this film, made after a book by journalist Niklaus Meienberg, weaves a detailed biography of its subject, which it uses to question the hypocrisy of a country.