Je veux voir

Je veux voir

Je veux voir

Doc Alliance - Dec. 2011

Recently added films available on VOD and events of your Online Documentary Cinema.

Films of the month

Home Masterclasses / Send us your question for Filip Remunda

Home Masterclasses is a new project to be launched in January. The first filmmaker to be introduced in the series of regular lectures by leading European filmmakers is Filip Remunda, co-director of provocative films Czech Dream and Czech Peace, appreciated by director Michael Moore among others. Each of the lectures accompanied by selected film previews will be recorded at the directors’ homes and studios and will be available for free stream and download. 

If you have any question you would like to ask Filip Remunda, please, send it to by December 18, 2011.

New Docs added

  • The Sound of Insects: Record of a Mummy (Orig.) by Peter Liechti / 2009 / Switzerland / 88 min
  • Google Baby (Orig.) by Frank Brand Zippi / 2009 / Israel / 70 min
  • The Forgiveness (Orig.) by Ventura Durall / 2009 / Spain / 65 min
  • Je Veux Voir (Orig.) by Joana Hadjithomas , Khalil Joreige / 2008 / France / 75 min

Coming soon

  • Cave of Forgotten Dreams by Werner Herzog
  • 31 Endings / 31 Beginnings by Rafani
  • Maria, My žyvem na kraji, Kola - 3 films by Victor Asliuk