VdR On Tour Nyon | L'Apollon de Gaza

In the presence of the filmmaker Nicolas Wadimoff and the film protagonist, on Monday 27 May 2019, 20:30 at Cinémas Capitole Nyon. Win tickets!

L'Apollon de Gaza

Nicolas Wadimoff
Switzerland/Canada 2018, 78'
Locarno 2018 – Semaine de la critique

In the presence of the filmmaker and of Marc-André Haldimann, archaeologist and protagonist of the film.

In 2013, a 2000-year old statue of Apollo was found near Gaza, only to disappear all of a sudden. Apollo, god of art, beauty and divinations, incites all sorts of rumours, even the craziest ones. The Apollo of Gaza is at once an inquiry and a meditation on history, plunging us into the barely known reality of a territory that is still paying the price of wars and a merciless blockade, but where life also subsists, undefeated. By bringing a little light to the sky of Gaza, the statue and its stupefying story could return some dignity and hope to all people.

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Monday 27 May 2019, 20:30
Special prize: CHF 12.–
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